This paper explores how the Australian health sector might improve opportunities for career development for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers. It considers the current evidence surrounding career development in the health sector, along with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander worker experiences, to develop a usable conceptual framework for change. ISBN: 978-1-921889-37-0read more
Cultural competency training for health professionals is now a recognised strategy to address health disparities between minority and white populations in Western nations. In Australia, urgent action is required to "Close the Gap" between the health outcomes of Indigenous Australians and the dominant European population, and significantly, cultural competency development for health professionals has been identified as an important element to providing culturally safe care. This paper describes a compulsory interprofessional first-year unit in more
The first Slice of LIME Seminar was held on 3rd March 2014 with Professor Fred Hafferty from the Mayo Clinic, USA, and focused on admissions criteria. Professor Hafferty led an interactive workshop and discussion on admissions criteria, and the way these criteria can impact on student cohorts and curriculum content. The group discussed: impact of admissions criteria & practices on quality education; developing criteria to create a cohort aligned with a graduate focus; filtering applicants; more
Twenty-four national allied health organisations became signatories to the Statement of Intention to Improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Wellbeing, at Parliament House in March more
Over 40 leading researchers and academics from across Australia met at the University of Western Australia Boatshed in Perth, to discuss research concerning racism towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. The two-day meeting significantly advanced the themes of social justice and reconciliation in Australian society and has culminated in the production of a detailed statement against racism. The statement is a declaration on racism towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians that is more
The ACOSS Statement of Apology acknowledges the role that welfare services have played in the Stolen Generations, and commits to the reconciliation process and to working to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social and emotional more
The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Curriculum Framework (the Framework) has been developed to address the variability amongst all health professions and higher education providers in terms of the nature and extent to which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander curriculum is being implemented. The aim of the Framework is to provide a model for higher education providers to successfully implement Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander curricula, with clear learning outcomes and associated capabilities more
Suicide is a complex behaviour with many causes. For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples there are specific cultural, historical, and political considerations that contribute to the high prevalence, and that require the rethinking of conventional models and more
This booklet for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander audiences aims to help support the mental health of new parents. It is adapted from the What ​W​ere We Thinking program and provides practical approaches to adjusting to the new​ role of ​being a more
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